A short documentary on spreepark.  

a video of the train ride through the abandoned spreepark (2009)

// Spreepark//

Location:  Berlin, Germany. 

Date of Opening: 1969

Date of Closing:  2001

Originally known as Kulturpark Plänterwald or “Cultural Park Plänterwald”, Spreepark opened in 1969 and was, for many years, the only theme park in the area.  Its Ferris wheel was considered a landmark and was replaced by an even bigger one in 1989. 

Above:  A Mustached Go-Kart. (Photo Courtesy of http://theyllneverhurtyoulikeido.tumblr.com/)

Below:  The Ferris Wheel.

However, the park began to accumulate debt throughout the 90’s and admission prices skyrocketed to compensate for it. The owner blamed spreepark’s waning popularity on the small size of the parking lot.  Regardless of the cause, the owner walked away from the park in 2001, fleeing for South America. He left everything in the park behind (save for a few rides, some sources say). 

For years, the park was left to sit and decay.  Only recently, the new owner has refurbished a train that used to run through the park, and now allows visitors to tour it legally and safely.  Supposedly, the iconic ferris wheel is to follow.

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Spreepark, Berlin. 
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Spreepark, Berlin. 

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