Florida's Splendid China

A set of pictures featuring images of the abandoned Splendid China amusement part previously featured on this blog.  

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// Splendid China//

Location:  Kissimmee, Florida.  

Date of Opening:  December, 1993.   

Date of Closing:  December 31st, 2003.  

Splendid China opened in 1993 after a decade of painstaking construction.  It was intended to be an idealized depiction of China, and was full of handmade miniatures of various Asian landmarks.  Throughout its operation, the park was the topic of heated debate, and a victim of communist paranoia.

The screenshots above were taken from this video, which stars two guys trolling around the park.  


After its closing in 2003, the park became a hotspot for skateboards and vandals.  Between them, the miniatures were destroyed and the scenery covered in graffiti.  It took only weeks for them to ruin the years of work that had gone into the park’s painstaking detail.  

Splendid China had no rides.  Only a few shows and a lot of beautiful scenery, so it had no chance of competing with Florida’s other tourist attractions.  Protests were also common outside its gates.    

The park closed due to a decline in tourism after 9/11, and the land still sits vacant today.       

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