// Nara Dreamland//

Location:  Nara, Japan.

Date of Opening: 1961

Date of Closing:  August 31st, 2006

Look at the above map.  What does it remind you of?  Disney enthusiasts will recognize it right away:  It looks like a map of Disneyland park.  But…the rides are wrong.  And it’s in Japanese…and at the bottom there.  It says…Deamland? 

Inspired by the success of the newly opened Disneyland park in California, an developer in Japan created Nara Dreamland, a park heavily inspired by the design and style of Disney’s creation.  It contained a pink castle, along with a monorail, matterhorn, autotopia, jungle boat ride, and a train station designed to look like their American counterparts…from a distance.  It was also home to the famous wooden roller-coaster, Aska.

Above:  The castle. 

Below:  Sinking jungle boats. 

Below:  The entrance, only months before it closed. 

Nara Dreamland survived until the 2000’s when Universal Studios, Japan opened and began taking away their buisness.  For years, the park began falling into disrepair, until 2006, when its doors were finally closed for good.  As of 2010, the park is still there, slowly falling into decay. 

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