I visited the Dort Mall for the first time in years the other day.  For those not in the know, The Dort Mall is a mostly deserted mall in the, for lack of a better term, “seedy” district of the city (a wasteland of shady porno dives and gentlemen’s clubs abound).  It’s owner filled the place with crazy Americana that varies from the vaguely interesting (old neon signs and a tyrannosaurus rex made out of car parts) to the downright terrifying (a classic British phone booth occupied by the screaming, maniacal, and possibly zombified farmer mannaquin) and everything in between (a replica of ET and a couple of wooden ship mastheads).

There is nary a soul in the place, but somehow there are still active stores.  A place called Paradise Express is pretty shady and sells lots of bongs and metal band shirts, along with a decent selection of rare horror movie shirts that I enjoy perusing.  There’s a hockey story, a t-shirt store, a couple of thrift stores, and an optometrist of all things.  There’s even a fairly active Coney Island diner.  There’s also an abandoned movie theater and basement stairs that don’t really lead anywhere.

I’ll be honest it’s a pretty creepy place.  I can’t imagine being on the night time cleanup crew there, or on security.  Having to be in that place alone with all those weird statues and shadows lingering around.  What would you think if you started finding, like, dead and half eaten animals stuffed into some sort of nest behind some displays?  Or maybe you started hearing soft padding of predatory feet echoing in the weird acoustics of the main hall.  Maybe you start catching glimpses of a dark shape low to the ground just out of the corner of your eye.

Now that, my friends, is something worth dwelling on.