The deserted and emptied swimming pool in Pripyat.

The deserted and emptied swimming pool in Pripyat.

// Pripyat Amusement Park//

Location:  Pripyat, Ukraine (formerly Soviet Union).  

Status:  Abandoned Project

While this blog serves to remember all types of abandoned places, my own specialty lies in theme parks.  It was with them that my fascination with the abandoned began, and what led me to learn about Pripyat in the first place.  At the time of the disaster in 1986, the amusement park was nearly complete.

Many sources say that the rides were unused at the time of evacuation, however, there are pictures from the Russian language film “Unforgotten” that clearly show people lining up at the iconic ferris wheel, with one car already filled.  

The park is said to contain a very high amount of radiation, especially the bumper cars pictured above, and is one of the more dangerous places to go near.    

Scientists believe that the city of Pripyat will not be inhabitable for hundreds of years.  

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This is a Russian language film called “Unforgettable”.  It features footage of Pripyat  in 1988, and then in 1986, on the day the accident occurred.  It is a very sad and somber video, with images of what was happening before the city began its evacuation.  

There are parts of the video, primarily in the footage from 1986, where large white dots will flash across the screen.  This is rumored to be the radiation affecting the film itself and making its presence known.  

I apologize, but I could not find a version of this film with subtitles.  I searched everywhere, but had to settle for the original.    

// Today, abandoned places is remembering the Chernobyl Disaster.//

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Today, Abandoned Places is remembering the Chernobyl Disaster that took place in Ukraine on April 26th, 1986.  This is a quick video to illustrate some of the history behind on of history’s most tragic abandoned cities.      

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