// Takakanonuma Greenland//

Location:  Hobara, Japan.

Date of Opening: 1973

Date of Closing:  1999

The images of Takakanonuma Greenland are some of the most recognizable, and eerie (One is even used in our icon).  However, despite how widely circulated the photographs are, there is little information about the park itself.  It originally opened in 1973, but closed a few years later, and didn’t reopen until 1986.  Some say that the reason for the closure was because of a few deaths, but this is unconfirmed. 

After its reopening, the park ran until 1999, when the economy took a downturn.  Unable to compete, the park closed, and was left to sit.  Many areas have been reclaimed by vegetation, and there is always a dense fog around the area, leading to some of the breathtaking photos that have made this place famous again. 

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